Cobre 29

COBRE29 copper duct goes to battle with bacteria, fungus and mold to create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.  

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According to the EPA, copper is naturally antimicrobial

The exact method of how copper kills microorganisms is not always the same and can be quite complex, so we have reduced the research down to an oversimplified 3 step process just to illustrate the concept. There is a great deal of information available on the science of copper as an antimicrobial. Some of those studies, videos and websites are referenced below. We encourage you to follow the links and learn more about the benefits directly from the people who have published the peer reviewed articles- it’s quite compelling. 


COBRE29 is ductwork made from copper to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew in the air supply that can cause odors, allergic reaction, infection and toxicosis


 Industry standards used to control bacterial growth in ductwork  range from the mechanical to the chemical. 

The most simple is to keep it clean. Some microbes can grow on clean surfaces, but in general removing the dust buildup from ductwork significantly reduces the opportunity for microbial colonization.  (Hunter, 8)  But dust can often accumulate quickly. Studies show that copper remains effective even with a layer of dust between the surface and the microbes because of a phenomenon called the halo effect. Link>Read more about the halo effect in healthcare applications

On the other end of the spectrum.  Biocides, either fogged into the system or applied to the duct surface before installation, can effectively eliminate or reduce microbial growth.  But, as a hazardous material their use requires significant steps must be taken to ensure  occupants are not exposed. For that reason the World Health Organization has explicitly discouraged their use. (Hunter, 8)

COBRE29 is a safe and natural way to control mold, mildew and fungal growth in the duct system, but its not a replacement for high quality air filtration.  It is recommended to be used in conjunction with industry standards as a preventative supplement to ensure the cleanest possible air supply for building inhabitants. 

* Hunter, Dr. CA, Hygenic Maintenance of Office Ventilation Ductwork, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers London, October 2000


Why a semi rigid duct system?


COBRE29 has the adaptability and cost savings of a flexible duct with the strength and stability of a rigid system, giving you the best of both.


Air flow doesn’t like sharp turns. 

They increase resistance and decrease energy efficiency. Yet most rigid systems typically use a 90 degree elbow, even when ductwork is not exposed and there is no aesthetic benefit. Our ducts are designed to make turns with a gentle bend that creates 35% less friction (static pressure) than a rigid system with a 90 degree elbow.  That’s more air pumping into the room with the same amount of energy.

Airflow doesn't like irregular shapes.

The disadvantage of super flexible ducts is that they need careful external support to avoid sagging and they are susceptible to collapse of the cross-section during installation. Failure to properly support a super flexible duct or accidentally kinking its shape will greatly inhibit airflow.  COBRE29 is self-supporting. It will not sag and it will resist pressures that could compromise the cross sectional integrity. 

Cost saving installation benefits of COBRE29

Simple is better.  We make those gentle turns with a single element. Not three. That means installation times can be much faster. Plus there is less potential for air leakage and system inefficiency.  

Lighter is better. COBRE29 is ¼ the weight of standard sheet metal duct. Less weight means less time lifting and installing. 

Less steps is better. COBRE29 comes pre insulated with R-6 insulation and a silver jacket vapor barrier. So installers are not wasting money and time purchasing then wrapping insulation and vapor barriers separately.  Using rigid duct can cost a project an additional 4 minutes to install every 4 feet of insulation and vapor barrier AFTER the duct in installed. Watch them in action.


Cobre29 Copper Duct is Patent Pending and a product of Polar Air Supply